Next Meeting – February 4

Please join us for our next meeting on February 4, 2017 at 9:30 am at Denver Public Library.

“The Fewer…The Prouder…The Wikgren Soldiers”
Claire Schaeffer, SGSC member

Claire Wikgren Schaeffer is a native-born Denverite and a 2nd-generation American. Her Wikgren ancestors come from the far north of Sweden in the parish of Piteå in Norrbotten. In the course of researching family, she has discovered 154 soldiers (as of this writing). While looking at their families, she has uncovered what might be construed as a culture of the military among northerners. Finding what might be construed as singular among members of our group, she is interested in prompting further research into the topic of Swedish soldiers.

The presentation will focus on the period of the Great Northern War, an event and time period that defined both Sweden and Russia. In the course of this presentation you will encounter various soldiers – their names, their families, their relationships – as well as the hard times in which they lived.

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