Homesteading and Plat Maps

Our guest speaker, Beth Sparrow, gave an in-depth tutorial on researching homesteading and plat maps. We also take a peak at Swedish genealogy resources in social media. SGSC member Cheryl Johnson gives an in-depth look at Kalmar län.

Homesteading, Plat Maps and Swedish Tidbits

This presentation covers the basics on where to find Homestead Records and Plat Maps. Also she will show some examples of real homesteaders, one of them Swedish. If time allows, we may try overlaying a plat map on Google Earth. Also if time allows, she will cover some Swedish social media. This presentation is geared toward the beginner and intermediate researcher.

Beth Sparrow has been researching her family for over 15 years. She began taking clients in August 2012. She researches for clients and gives presentations on genealogy topics. She also is an avid cemetery photographer. Beth has experience speaking to small groups, such as your library or genealogy society. Her special area is the Midwest (Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Wisconsin). She is a member of the Polk County Historical Society, the Association for Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, and serves as conference coordinator and area representative for the Nebraska State Genealogy Society. She is on Facebook and Twitter, and she blogs.

Short: “Kalmar Län”

Cheryl Johnson

Handouts available here.

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