The Fires of Autumn

At October’s meeting we ventured to the midwest, featuring a presentation about the Cloquet-Moose Lake, Minnesota disaster of 1918, and the ongoing renovation of a historic stone house in Lindsborg, Kansas.

The Fires of Autumn: The Cloquet-Moose Lake MN Disaster of 1918

by Doris Ferguson, SGSC Member

Remembering, in these summers of forest fires, the day 100 years ago when 453 lives were lost in a few hours in northeastern Minnesota on October 12, 1918. Doris’ parents did not know each other yet, but both of them and their extended families and neighbors were greatly affected by forest fire.

Doris Ferguson: Doris grew up in northeastern Minnesota and has lived in Colorado since 1954 when she came to work in the VA Hospital in Grand Junction. She is now a retired R.N., a widow, mother of three and grandmother of three.

Renovating Vintage Homes in Lindsborg

Jim Pugh: Jim will talk about his renovation projects in Lindsborg, specifically a stone house built in 1877 by a mason/preacher John (or Johan) Elmquist in Lindsborg, Kansas. A few of the lintel stones above the windows are carved with Bible verses in Swedish. By the fall, he hopes to have completed the restoration of this property into a vacation rental.

Handouts available here.

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