February 6, 2019 – Circling Back, My Roots in Sweden

Cherry Lofstrom, SGSC Member

I grew up with a Swedish speaking grandfather who wouldn’t speak Swedish to the grandchildren, “…because we’re.. American and you have no need to know Swedish!”.

I have always had an interest in genealogy; my two aunts began documenting our family’s genealogy in the mid-1980’s and I received copies of the work they did. They put enough family history together to get to the point where “jumping the pond was the next step. They are now elderly, and a few years ago it was time for another family member to pick up the pieces. My trip “Adventure Skaraborg 2018” was my stepping stone to “crossing the pond”. I now know that I have family in at least three specific areas of Sweden … Skaraborg, Dalarna and the “Frostbite Falls of northwest Jämtland, Frostviken!”. It was not until I began working genealogy on my own that I discovered just how SWEDISH Minnesota is and how deep my Swedish roots are in Minnesota, as well as how deep my roots are in Sverige!

Cherry Lofstrom was born and raised in Minnesota. Moved to Colorado in the 70’s…lived here since then. Currently a Certified Public Accountant – doing financial statements audits; trying to determine if I’m semi-retired or not!


“My Families journey from Örebro Län to Lake George, Colorado”

Karen Michalak, SGSC Member

Karen is fairly new to genealogy but was left a treasure trove of family photographs and records; and with Kjell Andersson’s help, she has been able to tie up a lot of loose ends.  She will share her research journey including a few photographs of their trip to Sweden last spring.  

Karen Michalak’s family has lived in Colorado for four generations. She grew-up in Denver, graduating from East High School.  She attended Stanford University, spending a semester abroad in Austria. Jobs included working as a teacher and later doing billing and payroll at a water district.  Since slowing down physically, due to a stroke two years ago, it has  been a joy to start preserving the family memories for posterity. She would like to beg the patience of the group, as she  will speak slowly so as to be better understood. 

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