March 2, 2019 – Citing Sources

Beverly has been a strong advocate for complete, accurate sourcing of genealogical research from the very beginning of her foray into her family’s history.  Although her sourcing style has evolved over the years, her dedication to providing an accurate fact-based product has been steadfast.  This presentation will examine the reasons you should never trust anyone else’s research unless you have found the fact-based sources for their data yourself.  It will show you how things can go terribly wrong even when someone has sources listed.  It will also show you some examples of how to source documents in Family Tree Maker 2017.

Beverly Harbourt grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska.  She is the past president of  SGSC and an avid researcher of her Swedish and German roots.  As the custodian of her family’s historical photographs and some of the family heirlooms, she has been researching her ancestors for over 25 years, and has visited Sweden three times.  She joined SGSC in 2009 following her retirement and subsequent move from the Washington D. C. area to Colorado.


“Our First Trip to Sweden: the Swedish Genealogy & Culture Trip 2018”

Joe Falcone, SGSC Member

Joe had been researching his Swedish roots through various internet tools. He even connected with a fourth cousin living in the area near the family farm, but had never visited Sweden. The Saxentours week long genealogy and culture trip seemed like an excellent way to better understand Sweden culturally, as well as getting advice from experts on genealogy records and interpretation. Very reasonably priced for the services provided: lodging, many meals, guided tours throughout Västergötland, cultural lectures and trips, as well as expert genealogical advice. Using the Saxentour as a base, we added early extensions to Denmark, and after the week in Alingsås, spent another week visiting ancestral parishes plus touring Kalmar and Stockholm. This short is designed to better understand what one could expect on Saxentour’s Swedish Genealogy & Culture Trip. 

Biography: Joe and his wife are recent transplants to Colorado from Alaska, where they raised their family and spent 32 years. Joe grew up near Seattle, attended MIT in Boston, and spent his career in the oil and gas industry. He started getting involved with genealogy in 2012 when his mother began to suffer from short term memory loss. She couldn’t remember what she had for lunch, but seeing an old photograph, she knew exactly where it was taken, who the people were, and often a story about the occasion. Genealogy became a tool to engage in the only kind of discussions where his mother could meaningfully contribute, long term memories. Joe has since become fascinated by the various powerful tools available to research ones ancestry, from extensive electronic databases to publically shared DNA. 

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