September 4, 2021 – Using DNA as an Assist

Presenter: Bob Johnson is a recovering attorney and professional genealogist. He holds a Certified Genealogist® credential and specializes in Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian genealogical research. Bob has been doing Swedish research for over 40 years. He studied in Växjö, Sweden and is active in several genealogical societies. Bob has recently authored two publications, Genealogy At A Glance: Swedish Genealogy Research and Husförhörslängder, Swedish Household Examination Records: Framing the Solutions to Your Swedish Ancestry Puzzles.

Description: DNA can be the key to breaking through many genealogical brick walls. But DNA can be a complicated genealogical source to use, and DNA research can pose special difficulties for Swedish researchers. This presentation will look at topics such as ethnicity estimates, endogamy, patronymics, and Swedish history. We will look at the differences among the big four genealogical DNA companies (Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, and 23andMe) including an examination of some of the best DNA analysis tools.

Videos and handouts available here.

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