Next Meeting – November 6, 2021

Date:November 6, 2021 9:30 a.m. MT via Zoom
Titles:Swedish Research Case Studies
Presenter:Kjell Andersson

If you have ever wanted to attend a Fika session, this is your chance to see how it goes. With Zoom, we will get a close look at how Kjell finds things for SGSC members in Swedish Records. We will also see how he launches members on their Swedish research journey or helps them break through a brick wall. He is one of the best at Swedish Genealogy and those of us who have attended a Fika session have benefited greatly. (SGSC Research Sessions are held at the Fika Coffee Shop in Parker and are free for members). Watch for Kjell’s call to members to be part of his presentation.

Kjell is SGSC Member, Research & Mentoring Chair. He has had Swedish ancestry research as his main hobby since 1975. He joined the Swedish Genealogical Society of Colorado (SGSC) in February 2008 and there he is the Research & Mentoring Chair and member of the Board. Kjell is a dual citizen (Swedish and U.S.) with a telecommunications executive background. Before moving to the U.S., he was Executive Vice President and General Manager at Ericsson Radio Systems AB in Stockholm where he also served as the Head of the Business Unit, Mobile Telephone Systems, European standards, and was responsible for global sales and marketing, product development, production, supply and distribution in 60 countries. He moved to Colorado Springs in 1997. Since then, he has been Chairman and CEO of multiple American telecommunications companies. Today he is retired and lives with his wife Birgitta (Titti) in Colorado Springs. Kjell holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm 1968 and a Diploma in Management from CEDEP, Fontainebleau, France.

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