Finding now-living relatives in Sweden

Nils Nordberg 2019-04-13

Trying to find out what happened to the two brothers and one sister of his grandmother who stayed in Sweden when the grandmother left Sweden for America in 1909.

Paul Ternlund 2018-11-10

Paul’s aunt’s estate was settled a while ago.The legal and genealogical research performed by the estate found 10 heirs in Sweden and America – did they get it right?

Lolly Smith 2018-03-10

Lolly is an intermediate researcher and wants to confirm that she has extracted all available information from very old records (late 1600’s). Kjell also sheds light on the terms sockenman and gives guidance on finding living relatives in Sweden.

Don Carlson 2017-10-14

Don is looking for still-living relatives in Sweden. He has detailed birth and death information on 15 of his grandfather’s first cousins in Sweden, but no information about their descendants.

Lolly Smith 2017-03-11

Lolly has found many records in ArkivDigital but needs help with interpretation and translation. She also needs coaching on how to find living relatives in Sweden.