Jumping the pond

Corkey Wassam 2019-11-09

Finding the parents of Corkey´s great-grandparents who immigrated from Sweden 1872  and 1881 respectively. His Great-Grandfather donated 3 acres of land for the Ryssby church and helped build it. He married Corkey´s Great.Grandmother 1884-05-07 in Ryssby church!

Barbara Schmidt 2019-09-14

Barbara has conflicting information regarding when her great grandparents, Carolina Håkansdotter and August Olsson, arrived in America. She has not been able to find on which ships they travelled from Sweden to U.S.

Elena Schell 2019-04-13

Trying to trace her grandfather´s moves from 1893 in Sweden to 1904 in USA and his changing of name from Carl Wilhelm Lundberg into William Williams.