Brian Rapp 2014-02-08

Can you help me decipher and interpret some Swedish records? Can you tell me about occupation registers in church books?

Following is correspondence between Brian and Kjell.

Kjell’s responses are in quotes like this.

Dear Kjell,

I would like to thank you again for the answers to my questions about Peter Nilsson’s family and the new sources you gave me. The following is what I have learned since Nov. 9th at the Filka season. As you will see I have learned a lot but I still have a few questions. Please tell me if I have drawn incorrect conclusions.

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As you suggested I looked for “skräddare” in the book registries as a means to find Nils Peter, but I wasn’t successful. I looked in HERs for both Tveta and Virserum Parishes from 1806 to 1840. However, these occupation registries are good features that I don’t recall ever seeing in SVAR. Are they common in ArkivDigital?

Yes, they are. The reason is the following. The Occupation registries were added when the typed Village Indexes were created, starting in the 1970-ies and continuing until recently. At the time of the Mormons microfilming the church records these typed Village Indexes had not been added to the church books and therefore they do not show up at SVAR or Genline. Therefore, only Arkiv Digital provides Occupation registries since they started photographing the records like 10-15 years ago.

Last weekend I subscribed to ArkivDigital. I got a 2-year subscription for only $282. That seemed like a good deal.

I used the Algutsboda moving in book BI:1 (1811-1831) did as you suggested for Daniel. However, I didn’t have to search through 200 pages as you had though might be the case. I only searched through three pages. I started from the year he married, which was 1825.


I found his wife on page 137. She moved from Kråksmåla, which was her birth parish on 1825-03-05. She was a Jungfru or a maiden or miss. And then I found Daniel on page 136. He left Lenhosda or Lenhovda on 1824-01-13.

It is Lenhovda.

That allowed me to locate him the following books:

  • HER Lenhovda AI:9 (1823-1828) Säfsiörsröms Papersbruk, p. 93. from Elghults 1822; to Algustsboda 1824
  • HER Lenhovda AI:8 (1821-1823) Säfsiö Bote Paperbruk, p. 52. from Elghults 1822
  • HER Älghults AI:6 (1815-1822) No. 80 Bockashund Qvannag. Papperm?, p. 191. from Bächebo 1821; to ? in 1822
  • HER Bächebo AI:5 (1820-1825) Bönemåla Roten, PapperiGrebet Rosenström, p. 16. from ___ 1818
  • HER Bächebo AI:4 (1811-1819) Bönemåla Rote, Sandsläh, p. 22. From Köm? 1819. Name is Dan: Persson Forsberg


From these HERs I determined that Daniel was an apprentice in the manufacturing of paper (pappersgesäll) during this period. It appears that he lived in boarding houses were the paper was made. He lived with his coworkers and the master papermaker (pappersmästaren). After he marries Wendla Sofia Rädegrens on 1825-05-01 is occupation as still a pappersgesäll (Algutsboda AI:7 p. 227, Algustsboda AI:8 p. 282). After about 1833 he is a rag collector or a Lumpsamlare (Algustsboda AI:9 p. 247, Algustsboda AI:11 p. 395, Algustsboda AI:13 p. 812). On 1845-01-11 Wendla dies (Algustsboda AI:13 p. 812, Algustsboda C:5 p. 733) and the children move to Kråksmåla.

Here we can see that Wendla Sophia is born 1797 in Kråksmåla and that her maiden name is Rundegren (Encl 1). I found her in the birth records for Kråksmåla 1797. She is born Nov 5 and baptized on Nov 10. Her father is the organ player Jacob Rudegren and her mother is Anna Maria Westmark (Encl 2).

There is an Occupation registry in the HER for Kråksmåla 1796-1825 (Encl 3). And there we can see that there is an organist on p 28 (Encl 4). We find him on p 29. He seems to be 22 years old in 1801 while his wife is 30. Wendla is 4 and she has a sister, Anna Lisa, 1 ½ years old. Finally there is a third child, Annika, but she is crossed out so she probably has died (Encl 5).

The last HER indicates that Daniel is widowed and dies but I could not find him in the Algustsboda C:5 death and burial book from the time of her death till the last year the AI:13 HER covers which is 1848. He wasn’t in the next HER AI:14 1848-1855 on pages 456 and 457 at the Backstuga Kullerstad which was where they were in the four prior HERs.

I could not find him either.

I found the marriage record for Johannes Bomm and his wife Martha Danielsdotter [Virserum C:4 (1809-1844), page 370, #22]. They married 1825-12-31.

His wife is actually Maria Jonsdotter (Encl 6).

His title is: Soldatvid Östra Hänads Compagnie.

It is Östra Härads kompani.

Could this tell us where his military company is?

As you can see further below on the same page, Östra Härad is an area within Virserum (Encl 6).

She is a farmer’s daughter (Bondedotter from Göthult which is her birthplace). She left HER Virserum AI:6a (1826-1834) in 1826 for H.änh. I could find this place in Rosenberg. What does the note for Martha say in HER Virserum AI:6b (1826-1842), page 146?

It says that she is domiciled at L. Ånhult i.e. another village in Virserum (Encl 7).

It looks like the place given here is her destination from AI:6a. I couldn’t find them in the first half of the HER AI:6 (page 1-104) which spans the period 1826-1834.

In Vimmerby stadsförsamling AI:10 (1847-1853) p. 237 we see that Johannes is living with his wife and his brother’s children, Annetta (Anna) Mathilda and Daniel Richard Forsberg . I can’t read the place they moved to in 1848.

I cannot either.

The next HER I found Johannes and his wife are is Åsheda (Kronoberg) AI:20 (1856-1860) p. 339. They are living there with his nephew, Daniel and Daniel’s future wife Maria Christina Johansdotter. So you can see the church records were wrong, Daniel’s children moved to Vimmerby not Kråksmåla . They moved from Hvena (Vena) in 1856. I would like to determine were Johannes and his wife and the two children lived from 1848 to 1856.

There are no Moving-out records for Vena 1856 so I cannot find them in Vena either.

I am also interested in Annetta. The next record I have for her is: HER Köpings stadsförsamlings, Västmanlands AI:19 (1858-1864), p. 378. This HER shows that she and her family moved from Stockholm 1863-09-25. How can I find records for them in Stockholm?

You need to know from which parish she moved. If it had been between 1878 and 1926 it could have been easier since for that period we have the “Rotemansarkivet” in Stockholm which is indexed. This archive is kept in parallel with the church records.

According to HER Virserum AI:6b (1826-1842) page 38, Carl Magus moved to Fagerhult in 1829. I have attached the moving in record [Fagerhult BI-1 (1811-1861) p. 12]

(p 71 ??) (p 12 is 1812)

for Carl’s move to Fagerhult. I can see he came from Virserum but were did he go? I wasn’t able to match what is written here with the places list in the village index and Rosenberg.

He went to Sadeshult in Fagerhult (Encl 8).

One of Annetta’s children, went to N. America in 1888 and returned in 1891. In her moving in record [Köpings stadsförsamlings B:8 (1880-1894) SVAR image 173 #13] does Svensberg refer to a place in N. America? I didn’t see this name in Rosenberg or the village indices.

Svensberg is a place within Köpings Stadsförsamling. And to the left of the Moving-in record it is stated to which page in The HER she moved, namely p 354 (Encl 9). And we find her, together with her mom, Anna Matilda Forsberg Bodt, on p 354 (Encl 10-12).



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