Maggie Spetnagel 2014-02-08

Can you help me decipher and interpret some older Swedish church records?

This is correspondence between Maggie and Kjell.

Kjell’s responses are in quotes like this.


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Question 1

Anne Svensdotter was born about 1750 because she was 72 when she died 11 May 1822. Since she was married and her first 2 children were born in Öja, I began my search there. In 1750 I found the following– To me it looks like the father is Sven Månsson, cannot decipher mother’s name Lilla ?. I think Anne was born June 6 and baptized on the 10th. IF this is an Anne with father Sven, what if any of that scribble tells me where she was born, there are 7 Öja + which I did search unsuccessfully in HER.

Öja C:1 (1696-1774) Image 54 / page 101 (AID: v29809.b54.s101, NAD: SE/VALA/00475)

Yes, the father looks like Sven Månsson. The mother is not mentioned. The word “lilla” means “little”. During this period it was not common in some parishes for the mother to participate in the baptism procedure and not even to be mentioned. The first sentence says: ”Den 10 Juni döptes Sven Månssons lilla dotter i Öja, Skräddaregården vid namn Anna, i.e. ” June 10th, Sven Månsson´s little daughter in Öja, Skräddaregården was baptized and she was christened to Anna”. The rest of the text just name all the baptism witnesses. Like Jöns Månsson ibid (i.e. at the same place). There also are several wifes, one of which is Britta, one of which is Anna. The fact that several male witnesses are listed before the female witnesses could indicate that one of the witnesses actually is the mother (Encl 1).

So, let´s look at the Village index in the HER Öja 1740-1774. Here we find a “Skräddaregården” under Öja starting at p 62 for the period 1753-1755. (The period 1747-1752 is missing) (Encl 2). Already on the next page, page 63, there is a “Skräddargården” and here a Jöns lives with his wife Anna and their children. (There is a wife Anna mentioned in the baptism record). Below this family there is a Sven, 35 years old. He has a wife, Britta, 31 years old (there is a wife Britta mentioned in the baptism record) and they have a boy and a girl, Anna. No age is given for Anna. I cannot say for sure that this is the family you are looking for but it could be (Encl 3).

Question 2

I need to confirm Nils Andersson’s father’s surname which I read as Håkansson and place of birth which I read as Bjurtjärntorp and mother which I read as Sara Nilsdotter. The HER from this period are freeform and I want to be sure I am looking in the correct place with the correct names.

Bjurtjärn C:3 (1743-1757) Image 62 / page 113 (AID: v4974.b62.s113, NAD: SE/VA/13029)

Yes, the parents are Anders Håkansson and Sara Nilsdotter and they live at Bjurtjärnstorp, Bjurtjärn. A lot of witnesses live at Ullvetterns gård and Ullvetterstorp which is close by. Ullvettern is a big farm, close to the church and I personally know the present owner. My vacation home is just 3 miles from that farm (Encl 4).

Question 3

Just starting work in Bleckinge and find the BR and HER frustrating. For example: Carl Carlsson was born 25 Feb 1845 in parish of Jämshög to parents piga Sissa Eliasdotter and drang Carl Johanson. That would suggest they were not married as were most of the parents on that page? The place Carl was born looks like Holji which I cannot find anywhere in HER. Your guidance is needed.

Jämshög CI:5 (1828-1857) Image 123 / page 237 (AID: v95953.b123.s237, NAD: SE/LLA/13196)

You obviously have solved this mystery.