Brian Rapp 2014-11-08

Can you help me verify my cousin’s note: “Mae Larson’s mother’s father was Grandmother Forsberg’s cousin.”

This is correspondence between Brian and Kjell.

Kjell’s answers are in quotes like this.

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I continued with the research that you helped me with last month which was to find Johan Vedin and his family in the emigration records. I didn’t tell you at that time, but what I ultimately wanted to do was to verify and expand on a brief note that my cousin found this year. The note was written by our grandmother and said, “Mae Larson’s mother’s father was Grandmother Forsberg’s cousin.” From the first research that you helped me with during the 2010 Swedish Family Research Fair we know that Grandmother Forsberg was known as Maria Christina Johansdotter in Sweden and she was born 1843-07-02 in Virserum. We also know that her parents were Johan Fredrik Jonsson and Stina Catharina Jonsdotter and her grandparents were Jonas Danielsson, Maja Stina Magnidotter, Jonas Jonsson, Anna Chartrina Jonsdotter. Using U.S. records I determined that Johan Vedin was Mae Ecklund Larson’s mother’s father.

So my stagey for verifying this note was to first determine who Johan Vedin’s parents were, hoping that one of his parents were siblings of one of Maria’s parents. If I found that one of Johan’s parents had the same surname as one of Maria’s parents I would then determine who the parents of this possible sibling was. If these grandparents are the same as Maria’s grandparents it would verify that Johan and Maria were cousins.


I first went to Johan’s birth record in Virserum C:4 (1826-1834) page 52 (top scan in Enclosure 1). This record shows that his birthdate was actually 1826-04-08 not 1826-04-15 as recorded in Emiweb and the HER that showed his emigration. This birth record shows that his parents were Sven Mangus Hansson and Lena Catharina Johansdotter and he was born in Dansås. Looking at the village index in the front of HER Virserum AI:6a (1826-1834) I found Johan and his parents on page 52 (see the lower scan in Enclosure 1). At this point I realized that the surnames of either parent did not match the surnames of either of Maria’s parents. So I thought that the note must be wrong, but went back another generation thinking that maybe Johan and Maria were 2nd cousins.


I located Sven’s birth record in Virserum C:3 (1768-1808) page 423 (see the top scan of Enclosure 2). His parents are given as Hans Peter Svensson and Catharina Magnidotter. The closest HER that I could find to his birth was Virserum AI:4a (1806-1810) page 2 (see the bottom scan of Enclosure 2). Note Catharina Magnidotter and Maria’s grandmother, Maja Stina Magnidotter both have the same surname. Their birth records from Virserum C:3 pages 249, for Catharina and 217 for Maja are next to each other in Enclosure 3. Their birth records show that they were born 1785-10-28 and 1782-10-03, respectively. These birth records sure seem to indicate they had the same parents and both born in Äshults. It looks like their parents were Magnäs Mänsson

(Magnus Månsson)

and Stina Jönasdotter.


The nearest HER I could find to the time of their birth was Virserum AI:2 (1791-1796) page 92 (Enclosure 4). With this HER showing they were living together and both of them daughters of the same parents indicates to me that they were sisters proves to me that Johan and Maria were second cousins. Do you agree?


But it would be nice if I could have found more HERs to substantiate this because the one I found isn’t very legible.

I now have some questions about some of the other church records concerning Johan Vedin and his family and extended family that I found.

  1. The death record for Johan’s daughter, Jenny Alidia, d. 1866-08-03, [Stenderga C:5 (1861-1880) page 269] gives Tandslag as the cause of death. I know what Slag is but I haven’t heard of Tanslag before.

“Tandslag” is an expression often used to describe cramps (spasms). Those could happen for different reasons. Like epilepsia. But when small kids had cramps it could also be because of to low level of calcium in the blood. This happened when the kids got their first teeth.

  1. The death record for Johan’s son, Clas Emil,d. 1855-10-12 [Virserum F:1 (1845-1861) page 61, see the upper scan of encl. 5] shows that he died in and was buried in Norrköping. This is not consistent with MIR Norrköpings S:t Olai BI:8 (1855-1876) which showed only Johan and his first wife Anna Stina Johansdotter moved in and they came from Virserum 1855-12-03. In HER Virserum AI:9c (1850-1861) Stora Åhnhults Berg page 996 it was recorded they left 1855. Also this HER records the death of Clas and his sister, Emelia Josephina. And ArkivDigital doesn’t have MORs for Virserum in 1855. So from the available records I am not sure where Clas Emil died and was buried. Do you think this is also the case for his sister too (above Clas in Encl. 5)? And what was Clas’ cause of death (Cholora)?

Virserum was and is a small parish. 1,742 persons in 2010. It certainly lacked health care resources. Norrköping is a much bigger place. 87,247 people in 2010. Maybe they took the kids to a hospital in Norrköping when they got sick. Johan had experience from Norrköping before. He worked there during two periods in 1843. Often you cannot trust the moving-in date in the MIRs. That date is when you show up in the new parish to register. It may be a long time after you actually arrived even if it should be within two weeks after arrival. So they could have been living in Norrköping already at the time of the children´s death. In the upper scan of Encl 5 it is stated that the children were “begravne” i.e. in plural, i.e. that they were both buried in Norrköping. If only Carl had been buried in Norrköping it would have been stated as “begraven”, i.e. in singular.

But the final proof they did not is what is written about where the children were domiciled when they died in the death records. I added the Norrköping death record for Emilia (Encl 7) and Carl (Encl 8). Both records show that they belonged to Virserum (“Hör till Virserum”). This further confirmes that the parents had not formally moved to Norrköping at the time of the childrens´death. Emilia died from “Bröstfeber”. i.e. pneumonia. Carl died from Cholera (something having similar symptoms as Ebola). Cholera was extremely infectious and a lot of people died from it at this time. In many parishes they instituted special cemetaries just for persons who had died in Cholera. Emilia was buried October 9 (Encl 7) and Carl was buried October 14.

  1. It looks like Johan moved to Norrköping from 1843-02-07 to 1843-08-25 and his father, Sven moved there 1843-11-12 (see the lower image in Encl. 5, Virserum AI:8a (1842-1850) Dansås page 49). I did not find them in MIRs for Norrköping. Where did they go?

If you look carefully at the text in the HER you can see the text “Att.t.” before “Norrk” (Norrköping) and then a date. This means that the person received a certificate to work in Norrköping. It did not mean that the person moved out of the parish since this was regarded as something temporary. Therefore it is not mentioned in the MOR. Johan received two such certificates, 1843-02-07 and 1843-08-25 and spent time at home in between. The second period became longer since he did not return until 1848.

  1. Was the cause of death for Johan’s first wife (Anna Stina Johansdotter) pneumonia (Bröstfeber)? See the death record in Encl. 6. The record shows that a lot of people died from this at that time.



Kjell S Andersson 2014-11-04