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Can we find Pauline´s grandparents, Karl Johan Persson and Anna Matilda Möller, in Sweden, and their parents and siblings?

We start by searching for Karl Johan in Emibas.

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Karl Johan Persson

He leaves from p 176 Backen, Brandstorp, Skaraborgs län 1889 in order to emigrate to U.S. He is the unmarried son of a Homestead owner (Encl 1). We find him and his family in the Household Examination Records (HER) for Brandstorp. His father is Per August Andersson b. 1830-01-12 in Stora Åby. His mother is Gustava Charlotta Larsdotter, b. 1833-12-23 in Velinge. He has 5 siblings. One of them, Axel Levin, seem to leave home 1895-08-29 in order to emigrate to U.S. However, further down on the page we can see that he has returned the Moving Out Certificate indicating that he did not leave. The family moved to p 176 from p 98 in 1883 (Encl 2-4).

Looking at the family on p 98, which is Malmhult in Brandstorp, we can see that Axel Levin is the 7th child rather than the 6th . So going further back in time we might find one more child (Encl 5). And one more daughter was born 1870-04-24 but died 1871-09-15. So this is the complete family (Encl 6):

Per August Andersson b. 1830-01-12 in St Åby m. 1864-07-08
Gustava Charlotta Larsdotter b. 1833-12-23 in Welinge m. 1864-07-08
Carl Johan b. 1865-04-01 in Brandstorp
Gustaf Alfrid b. 1867-02-08 in Brandstorp
Anna Christina b. 1868-10-14 in Brandstorp
Maria Albertina b. 1870-04-24 in Brandstorp
Oscar Alexis b. 1872-07-17 in Brandstorp
Clara Adelina b. 1874-06-24 in Brandstorp
Axel Levin b. 1877-09-01 in Brandstorp

Furthermore, below this family, we find Per August Andersson´s mother and widow, Stina Jonsdotter b. 1794-09-04 in Hede, d. 1871-12-20 (Encl 6).

Anna Matilda Möller

She leaves from p 95 Löpareskogen, Korsberga, Skaraborgs län 1893 in order to emigrate to U.S. She is unmarried (Encl 7). She is travelling with her daughter, Emma (Encl 8).

We find Anna Matilda with her daughter, 4 siblings and parents at p 95 Löpareskogen, Korsberga. Anna Matilda´s younger sister, Emma Josefina, also leaves home 1893 in order to emigrate to U.S. (Encl 9-11). Looking further down on the page we find Per August Andersson´s “Svärmor” i.e. “Mother-in-law” i.e. Gustava Charlotta´s mother, Maja Stina Andersdotter b. 1819-01-02 in Suntack (Encl 12).

Going back to the period 1876-1884 we find that another son was born, Gustaf Birger b. 1884-02-06, d. 1884-03-01. We can also see that the family moved to Korsberga from Acklinga in 1874. The father is a Watchmaker (Encl 13).

I could not find them in the Moving Out Records (MOR) for Acklinga. Then I noticed that Emma Josefina was born 1873 in Agnetorp. Agnetorp parish turns out to be part of Acklinga and now I found them in the MOR. They moved out from p 233 (Encl 14).

We find the family on p 233. Here we can see that the parents married 1865-04-01, 11 months before Anna Mathilda is born. So Anna Mathilda is the oldest child and here is the whole family. Johan Gustaf´s surname before Möller was Johansson (Encl 10, 13, 15):

Johan Gustaf Johansson Möller b. 1826-07-02 in Welinge m. 1865-04-01
Anna Sofia Larsdotter b. 1842-09-03 in Brandstorp m. 1865-04-01
Anna Matilda b. 1866-03-11 in Suntack e. 1893
   Emma (Anna´s illegitimate child) b. 1892-11-07 in Korsberga e. 1893
Johan August b. 1869-09-03 in Korsberga
Emma Josefina b. 1873-01-29 in Agnetorp e. 1893
Hulda Sofia b. 1877-05-27 in Korsberga
Gustaf Birger b. 1884-02-06 in Korsberga d. 1884-03-01 in Korsberga
Karl Birger b. 1885-10-19 in Korsberga


Kjell S Andersson 2014-11-04



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