Kristin Lundgren 2015-02-14

Can I find information about living descendants of my grandparents, great-grandparents, and their siblings in Sweden. Tools used were Swedish Death Index, ArkivDigital, Swedish Census 1890, 1900, 1970,,,  and Emibas.

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Kristin knows the names and birth dates of her grandparents but not their birth places and the immigration years. She also has knowledge about her aunts and uncles (who were all born in USA) and great-grandparents and their siblings, mainly from published books in Sweden in 1963 and 1987. Some individuals emigrated, some stayed in Sweden. The task: Verify family lore and find the information missing on grandparents, great-grandparents and the siblings of the grandparents.

Emil is supposed to be born 26 Nov. 1876. However, No Emil Lundgren with that birth date can be found in Emibas. Not in Emiweb either. He cannot be found in the Swedish Census 1880 either. Changing the surname to Carlsson or Larsson does not help.

1 Herman Bonde Nilsson

So let´s try to find him through his first cousin, Herman Bonde Nilsson. We find him in the Swedish Death Index (Encl 1):

Herman Bonde Nilsson  b. 1878-02-03 in Risekatslösa, Malmöhus län

We find his parents in his birth record (Encl 2):

Anders Nilsson and Maria Rosenqvist at Charlottenburg, p 26 in the Household Examination Record (HER). Either Anders should be Emil´s uncle or Maria should be Emils´s aunt. So, if we can find Anders´and Maria´s parents we would find Emil´s parents.

Anders is born 1853-02-22 in Risekatsa and Maria is born 1848-02-20 in Kågeröd (Encl 3).

Anders´parents are Crofter Nils Christiansson and Botilla Svensdotter at Kyrkohuset in Risekatsa (Encl 4). In the HER covering 1851-1856 we can see that Anders has three brothers (Encl 5):

Olof b. 1845-05-20 in Kågeröd
Sven  b. 1847-11-08 in Hässlösa
Carl b. 1850-06-06 in Hässlösa

But Emil´s father should be a Per or Lars so we need to check with earlier and later HERs. No more children found during the period 1849-1851 (Encl 6). But during the period 1856-1860 they have two more boys, one of which is a Per b. 1858-11-16. So the complete family looks like this (Encl 7):

Nils Christiansson b. 1809-01-17 in Kågeröd
Botilla Svensdotter b. 1816-04-17 in Vram
Olof b. 1845-05-20 in Kågeröd
Sven b. 1847-11-08 in Katslösa
Carl b. 1850-06-06 in Katslösa
Anders b. 1853-02-22 in Katslösa
Johannes b. 1855-04-21 in Katslösa
Per b. 1858-11-16 in Katslösa

Herman Bonde´s mother is born 1848-02-20 I Kågeröd (Encl 8). Here is the family (Encl 9):

Håkan Påhlsson Rosenquist b. 1816-10-12 in ????
Johanna Svensdotter b. 1819-03-21 in Kågeröd
o.ä. son Pål b. 1843-11-08 in Kågeröd
Gustaf b. 1845-02-29 in Kågeröd
Maria b. 1848-02-20 in Kågeröd

Håkan Påhlson Rosenquist moves in to this place 1847 and it is questionable whether is the father to Pål and Gustaf.

We were supposed to find a Per or Lars but did not.

At this time I found a note in your handwritten document stating “grandpa b. 1875”. So, maybe we can find him by entering 1875-11-26 instead of 1876-11-26?

2 Emil Bernhard Lundgren

Yes, now we find him in Swedish Census 1890. And his surname is Lundgren. He is a farmhand in Mörarp and he born in Kropp, Malmöhus län (Encl 10). Now we can find him and his parents in the Birth Records (BR) for Kropp parish. His parents are (Encl 11):

Cavalry man Sven Nilsson Lundgren and Johanna Larsson at Rosendal p 24. The HER for Kropp 1871-1875 does not shoe Emil but his parents and an older sister (Encl 12):

Husar Sven Nilsson Lundgren b. 1847-11-08 in Risekatslösa m. 1873-05-16
Johanna Larsdotter b. 1842-03-02 in Ekeby m. 1873-05-16
Ida b. 1873-06-10 in Kropp

”Husar” means ”Cavalry man”.

Aha! This Sven is the brother of Herman Bonde´s father, Anders Nilsson, see above! So Herman Bonde really is a first cousin of Emil´s. Looking at the HER for the next period we find Emil and a brother, Martin. Their father no longer is a Cavalry man and the whole family moves to Fleninge in 1880 (Encl 13):

Emil Bernhard b. 1875-11-26 in Kropp
Martin b. 1878-08-08 in Kropp

The Moving-in Record for Fleninge shows that they move to p 245 (Encl 14). One more son is born and in 1881 the whole family moves to p 231 (Encl 15):

Carl b. 1881-06-01 in Fleninge

Ida gets approval to attend school in Ekeby from 1882 when she is 9 years old. Emil´s father gets work in Landskrona 1883-07-27. Five weeks later Emil´s mother dies 1883-09-03. Ida is Confirmed in Kropp 1887-10-10 and in December the same year she moves to Kropp (Encl 16-18).

Sven Nilsson Lundgren remarries in 1892-06-16 with Josefina Larsdotter b, 1865-09-29 in Hinneryd. She brings with her an illegitimate son, Carl Alfred b. 1886-01-20 in Hinneryd. Emil Bernhard moves to Mörarp 1890-11-09. Martin moves to p 37 in 1892 and the rest of the family moves to Bjuf 1892-10-24 (Encl 19-21).

3 Emil Bernhard Lundgren´s siblings

3.1 Ida Lundgren b. 1873-06-10 in Kropp

The Moving In Records for Kropp shows that the housemaid Ida Lundgren moves to p 283 (Encl 22). She moves to p 336 in 1890 (Encl 23). This page list persons who have disappeared. She obviously has been found since we can see that she has moved to Vendel in Uppsala län (Encl 24).

To be sure we check her whereabouts in the Swedish Census Record 1890. And here we find that she has moved to Allerbäck in Vendel parish where she works as a housemaid (Encl 25). In the MIR for Allerbäck we find that she has moved to p 348 (Encl 26). And we find her on p 348 (Encl 27). In 1891 she moves to Västerås (Encl 28).

In 1900 we find her living in Fjällbacka N:o 4, Göteborgs och Bohus län. She is married to Carl Hansson, a Steam boat sailor b 1871 in Kville (Encl 29-31). With them also Carls mother, Inger Hilma Carlsdotter, lives. She is born 1832-10-22. She is a widow since 1898-04-14. Carl has taken over the ownership of the place but another person has taken over. Carl is listed in the Seamanshouse of Strömstad as # 145 in 1901 and 1902. He has been allowed not to do any military service (Encl 32).

In 1910 Carl changes profession to a stone worker and Ida moves to Örgryte (Encl 33). Karl dies in Göteborgs Gamlestad in 1944-09-24 as an unmarried man!? Did Ida and he divorce? (Encl 34). Ida Hansson, b. Lundgren, dies 1938-12-12 in Vara, Skaraborgs län. She is a widow in spite of dying 6 years before Karl! (Encl 35).

So, let´s find her in Örgryte where she moved in 1910! We find her in the MIR Örgryte for 1910. She is moving to Ranberg 14 1910-12-12. And she has a son moving in with her, John Hugo, b. 1905 in Norway! But there is more! 6 days earlier a Johanne Emilie Hansen b. 1901 in Norway has moved in to the same place. And here we can se that this place can be found on p 360. Both kids are immigrants (Encl 36).

We find the family on p 360. And here we also find more illegitimate children and a father to some of them. Karl Hanson does not seem to be the father of anyone of them. (Encl 37-39):

Painter Julius Adolf Okman b. 1876-12-23 in Vadsö, Norway Moved in 1910-12-06 from Norway. Unmarried citizen of Norway
Ida Hansson b. Lundgren b. 1873-06-10 in Kropp Married to Sailor Karl Hansson
Johanne Emilie Hansen b. 1901-02-17 in Fredrikstad, Norway Father: Sailor Martin Hansen
John Hugo b. 1905-07-23 in Tönsberg, Norway Father: Painter Julius Adolf Okman
Molly Matilda b. 1909-01-14 in Örgryte Father: Painter Julius Adolf Okman
Bertha Maria b. 1911-02-08 in Örgryte Father: Painter Julius Adolf Okman
Gulli Margarete b. 1913-01-09 in Örgryte Father: Painter Julius Adolf Okman

Johanne Emilie moves to the place for unrecognized persons in 1913-02-15. All others move to Göteborgs Gamlestad in 1916-11-24 (Encl 39). But when the family moves in at Göteborgs Gamlestad´s parish Johanne Emelie shows up anyway. Interestingly enough Julius Adolf Okman moves to p 1369 while the rest of the family moves to p 2315 (Encl 40).

Ida and all her children move to Halmstad 1918-10-03 (Encl 41). Julius Adolf Okman stays at p 1369 which becomes p 1160 in the new book starting 1920 (Encl 42). 1920-02-19 he moves to Göteborgs Oscar Fredrik (Encl 43). The MIR for Göteborgs Oscar Fredrik shows that he moves to p 5030 (Encl 44).

We find him on p 5030. There is an interesting statement in the commentary field. It is written in blue and is so weak that it is almost impossible to read. It says “Fru Ida Hansson, Norra Vägen 18, Halmstad vill hindra lysning med annan person” i.e. ”Mrs Ida Hansson, Norra Vägen 18, Halmstad is trying to prevent engagement with another person”. He moves to Lundby in 1921-04-27 (Encl 45).

MIR Halmstad shows that Ida and her children moves to p 837 (Encl 46). In 1921-01-10 Johanne Emilie moves to Göteborgs Kristine. All the others move to Snöstorp in 1922. Ida is still married to Karl Hansson, the sailor (Encl 47). Ida and her children move to p 45 in Snöstorp (Encl 48). From there they all move to Vara, Skaraborgs län in 1926 (Encl 49). They move to p 258 in Vara (Encl 50). On this page we find not only them but also Johanne Emilie who has married John Axel Elof Arnstedt, post office manager b. 1893-04-28 in Vara and they have two children (Encl 51):

John Axel Elof Arnstedt b. 1893-04-28 in Vara
Johanne Emilie b. 1901-02-17 in Fredrikstad, Norway
Inga Britt Lilian b. 1923-04-16 in Vara
Karl Lennart b. 1925-08-08 in Vara

Berta Maria moves to Bromma in 1929 (Encl 52). All Ida´s children marry and may have children. Here we will focus only on her oldest daughter, Johanne Emelie.

3.1.1 Johanne Emelie Hansen b. 1901-02-17 in Fredrikstad, Norway

She has three children and lives in Vara in 1933 (Encl 53):

Inga Britt Lilian b. 1923-04-16 in Vara
Karl Lennart b. 1925-08-08 in Vara
John Åke b. 1927-04-26 in Vara Karl Lennart Ahrnstedt b. 1925-08-08 in Vara

We find Karl Lennart in the Swedish Census 1970 married and with two children (Encl 54):

Karl Lennart Ahrnstedt .b 1925-08-08
Margit Hilda Cecilia b. 1926-12-25
Lilian Jenny Margareta b. 1954-03-07
Torbjörn Lennart b. 1950-03-08

Torbjörn Lennart Ahrnstedt lives at Byjordsgatan 4B, Köping today. He is married to Chalita Ahrnstedt and they have a child, Mec Warawut (Encl 55-56). His location on a map and his phone number can be found on (Encl 57-58).

Lilian Jenny Margareta lives at Lars Uno Lindbergs väg 12, Kolsva today. She is married to Bernt Torbjörn Rydh and they have a son Johan Magnus Rydh (Encl 59-60). Their location on a map and their phone numbers can be found on (Encl 61-62).

3.2 Martin Lundgren b. 1878-08-08 in Kropp

Martin emigrates to America in 1893-04-25 from Ödåkra 4, Fleninge (Encl 63).

3.3 Carl Lundgren b. 1881-06-01 in Fleninge

Carl dies a married man in 1909-09-06 in Allerum, Malmöhus län. He had married 1904-03-06 (Encl 64). His cause of death is Pneumonia. He lived at p 463 (Encl 65). He was married to Matilda Gustafsson b. 1872-04-24 in Renneslöf. They have a son, Georg Leo, b. 1904-05-28 in Allerum (Encl 66). Georg Leo dies an unmarried man, 21 years old, at Laröd 2, Allerum 1926-01-31 (Encl 67). That should end the research on him but you can never be sure!

3.3.1 Georg Leo Lundgren b. 1904-05-28 in Allerum

We find him and his mother at Laröd 2 and in the commentary field we find “Parenthood, see birth record 29/1923”. Aha! He may have had an illegitimate child! (Encl 68-69). The birth record is about Inga Britt Maiken b. 1923-11-10 and Georg Leo Lundgren is the father. The mother is Selma Charlotta Hildegard Svensson b. 1897-12-02, housemaid (Encl 70-72). Inga Britt Maiken b. 1923-11-10 in Allerum

Inga Britt Maiken marries 1946-08-24 (Encl 73). She marries Bengt Arvid Bengtsson and 1970 they have two children (Encl 74):

Bengt Arvid Bengtsson b. 1923-04-20
Inga Britt Maiken b. 1923-11-10
Roland Tommy b. 1946-12-17
Anett Ing-Mari b. 1955-11-21 Roland Tommy Bengtsson b 1946-12-17 in Laholms stadsförsamling

Roland Tommy marries 1976-06-12 with Karin Gunilla Margareta and 1990 they have two children (Encl 75):

Roland Tommy Bengtsson b. 1946-12-17 in Laholms stadsförsamling
Karin Gunilla Margareta b. 1951-02-24
Hans Niklas Georg b. 1977-04-15
Hedvig Martina Charlotta b. 1979-12-23

You can find them on a map and their phone number on (Encl 76-77). Anett Ing-Mari Bengtsson b. 1955-11-21 in Ränneslöv

She marries in 1978-07-01 and has two children (Encl 78):

Bo-Anders Tyko Nilsson b. 1953-04-29
Anett Ing-Mari b. 1955-11-21
Bengt Wilhelm Fredric b. 1979-06-06
Elin Mari Ulrika b. 1986-05-26

You can find them on and on a map and their phone numbers on (Encl 79-81).


Emil Bernhard, who emigrated to America, had three siblings: Ida, Martin and Carl. Ida stayed in Sweden and married a sailor with whom she did not have any children. However, while being married, she had 5 illegitimate children with two other men. We have traced all the descendants up until present day in Sweden from her oldest child, Johanne Emelie Hansen. Ida had four more children. All of them married and may have had children. That remains to be found out.

Martin emigrated to America. Carl stayed in Sweden and his descendants have been traced up until present day.

As mentioned above, Emil Bernhard´s mother died in 1883 and his father remarried in 1892. That year he moved to the parish Bjuv and he had two more children with his new wife:

Gustaf Adolf b. 1893-08-04 in Bjuv
Johan Fredrik b. 1895-10-17 in Bjuv

So, Emil Bernhard also had two half brothers. Gustaf Adolf married but has not been researched further. Johan Fredrik has not been researched at all.

I hope this documentation will help you follow the same procedures as I have whenever you decide to finalize the research for persons I did not trace.

Good luck!
Kjell S Andersson 2015-02-10

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