Jean Adams 2015-03-14

What place did my great-grandfather emigrate from in 1866, and do I have relatives still living there today? Tools used were Lantmäteriet´s Historical maps, Arkiv Digital,,, Svenska Gods och Gårdar in Skaraborgs län, and Swedish Census for 1890 and 1900.

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In order to find out if you are looking at the right place I added two “vectors” from Floby. One goes north-east towards “GERARP”. The other one goes south east towards “Svensg, / Ängag”. As you can see the distance from Floby to GERARP is longer than the distance to Svensg. / Ängag (Encl 2).

As can be seen in the village index for HER Floby 1870-1890 there is a “Svenagården” which is at a different place than Sven-Svensgården. So I think the place you found in the historical maps may me the Svenagården (Encl 3).

Now let´s look at the map. Here you can see where Sven-Svensgården is today and with the similar “vectors” it is obvious that it is much further away and that this is the correct place (Encl 4).

As we can see, the left farm is the main farm, since it is called Sven-Svensgården 1 (Encl 5). The satellite view shows how the two different places look today. As we can see, place 1 is much bigger than place 2 (Encl 6).

If you want to call anyone of the present residents you can find their phone numbers in (Encl 7-9).

So how does this place look in the 1940s? I found it in Svenska Gods och Gårdar 1941-1942 (Encl 10). Here we can see that the farmers at that time were sons of Alfred Johansson and his wife Amanda Christina Johansdotter. It does not say that they are owners or part owners. But we can see that Hilma Johansson b. 1889-01-20 is a part owner.

In 1900 Alfred Johansson and Amanda Christina Johansdotter live at Sven-Svensgården. Hilma is their daughter, Nils Brynolf is their son. Then there are 4 more siblings (Encl 11). The family lives at the same place in 1890 (Encl12). And looking at the HERs for Sven-Svensgården, Floby (as you already have done) you can see that this is the place from which Carl Andersson came.

Kjell S Andersson 2015-03-02

1 Title slide
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4 Sven-Svensgården, Floby
5 Residents of Sven-Svensgården 1 and 2.
6 Sattelite view of Sven-Svensgården
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8 Uno Valfrid Johansson b. 1941-07-18
9 Uno Valfrid Johansson´s phone number
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