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Can I find living descendants in Sweden of the siblings of my ancestor Olof Ersson? He lived in Hälsingland. Tools used were Emibas, ArkivDigital, DISBYT, Swedish Census (1970, 1990),and

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Sue’s question:

Karl August Petersson Hultman (my great grandfather) b 24 Jul 1854 in Ekhult, Frodinge, Kalmar Lan, m 11 Apr1878 in Sandvik Hult, Jonkoping, d 26 Nov 1932 Boone, Iowa was born to Peter Johan Danielson Hultman (b 27 Jul 1828 in Ekhult Kalmar Lan, d 05 Oct 1913 in Madrid, Iowa) and Anna Kathrina Petersdotter (b 05 Mar 1831 in Kalmar Lan and d 02 Nov 1905 in Madrid, Iowa).

My other great grandpa Olaf Olsen emigrated in 1895 to Meriden, Iowa. b 14 Mar1863 in Halsingland. His parents were Olaf Ersson d 1887 and Britta Ersdotter b 20 Dec 1828 and lived in Narby, Halsingland. Britta and Olaf had 4 children (Olaf my great gpa, Peter and his twin brother Andrew, and a daughter Kella). I have heard from distant relative in the USA that Olaf Ersson had brothers that did not emigrate.

Brian’s reply: Since you heard from a relative that Olaf Ersson had brothers that did not emigrate, I started the search for living relatives in Sweden with his line. Since you provided his birthdate and birthplace I first tried to jump the pond using Emibas. I only entered Olsson and his birthdate in the Emibas search boxes (Encl 1). Only four names were returned and the last one agrees very well with the information that you provided for Olaf Olsen (Olof Olsson) (Encl 2). There is only one minor inconsistency, he emigrated 1893-03-14 and your records indicated it was 1895. Note that he was going to Paullina, Iowa. The source for this information was page 65 of the Household Examination Record (HER) for Norrala Parish.

I then went to ArkivDigital and extracted this record (Encl 3). This record documents that during the period 1890 to 1899 (Book AI:12) Olof was living with his brother, Anders; his sister-in-law, Maria Helena Bodinson; and niece, Katrina. In the far right-hand column it is recorded that Olof went to N. Amerika 1893-03-07 and Anders and his family went to Kungsholm 1895-10-24.

Going back to earlier HERs I found one that showed Olof’s parents, Olof Ersson and Brita Ersdotter and siblings, Erik, Karin, and twins Anders and Per (Encl 4). In this HER Olof Ersson dies 1874-10-15. To identify all of Olof Ersson’s sibling’s I viewed earlier HERs. Enclosure 5 shows all of his siblings. They were Anders, Sara, and Karin and his parents were Erik Olsson and Karin Andersson. I then went forward in time assuming that Anders Ersson was the brother of Olof Ersson that didn’t emigrate.

Enclosure 6 is another HER that documents significant events in the lives of this family. Both the parents die, their children, Anders, Olof, Sara, and Karin are still living at the house at the end of this period. Also at the house is Anders and he is married to Karin Persdotter, and their daughter, Karin dies only 8 days after birth. Olof and Brita also had a daughter called Karin and she dies at near 2 years of age. Brita Jonsdotter moves in from page 81 in 1865.

On page 81 Brita Jonsdotter is with parents Jonas Bergner and Cecilia Persdotter (Encl 7). Cecilia dies 1863-04-06 and Brita moves to page 45. Their other children, Olof and Anna are still at the house at the end of this period. In the next HER Brita is a foster daughter of Anders and Karin.

Enclosure 8 recorded the second marriage of Anders Ersson on 1880-11-28 after his first wife died in 1879. This record also shows that Brita married Robert Radloff a few days before her father’s marriage and then they moved to page 420. On page 420 Robert and Brita are listed and two children, Frida Cathrina and Gerda Anna Augusta (Encl 9). On this HER there was no indication that they moved and I could not find them in the next book at Närby (Wägbro) so I decided to go to DISBYT. For the input boxes I only entered Robert’s given and surname and I got only four hits (Encl 10). The third one appeared to be good match so I clicked on familj and his nuclear family appeared (left side of Encl 11). I selected the oldest child, Frida Katarina Radloff and her family is shown on the right side of Enclosure 11.

I then went back to the church records, looking for the birth record of Frida’s youngest child, Märta Teresia Karlsson. Going to the birth records for Vårfrukyrka for 1919 I was able to find her record (Encl 12). This record gives the page number which enabled me to find the HER for the period of the birth (Encl 13). I then found the youngest child, Signe Maria in the 1970 Census (Encl 14). After pushing the Samma adress (same address) button we see that her child is, Lisbeth Maria Nord, b. 1955-12-13. Lisbeth in also in the 1990 Census and shows she married Gunnar Håkan Axnér and they have three children (Encl 15). provides their phone number and address (Encl 16-17).

Below I have listed all the church records that I looked at to answer your question. You can see than I went backwards in the church records after I found the last HER. The use of DISBYT permitted me to skip 19 records (from Enclosure 9 to 12). Jumps like these will save several hours, but you need to exercise care when you use DISBYT because it is not a primary source. Its accuracy is dependent on the individual contributors. Always make comparisons with primary sources where possible.

  • Norrala AI:12 (1890-1899) page 65, Närby (Encl 3)
  • Norrala AI:11 (1885-1889) page 63, Närby
  • Norrala AI:10 (1880-1884) page 63, Närby
  • Norrala AI:9 (1874-1879) page 67, Närby
  • Norrala AI:8 (1866-1874) page 65, Närby (Encl 4)
  • Norrala AI:7 (1852-1865) page 45, Närby (Encl 6)
  • Norrala AI:7 (1852-1865) page 81, Närby (Encl 7)
  • Norrala AI:6 (1841-1848) page 44, Närby
  • Norrala AI:5 (1835-1840) page 44, Närby (Encl 5)
  • Norrala AI:4 (1828-1834) page 34, Närby
  • Norrala AI:3 (1822-1827) page 36, Närby
  • Norrala AI:8 (1866-1874) page 66, Närby
  • Norrala AI:9 (1874-1879) page 68, Närby
  • Norrala AI:10 (1880-1884) page 64, Närby (Encl 8)
  • Norrala AI:10 (1880-1884) page 420, Närby (Wägbro) (Encl 9)
  • Norrala AI:11 (1880-1884) page 64, Närby (Anders Ersson)
  • Norrala AI:11 (1885-1889) page 456
  • Norrala B:3 (1863-1894) image 46
  • Vallby AI:16 (1881-1890) page 18, Eknäs
  • Vallby B:3 (1879-1894) image 25
  • Kalmar AI:15 (1886-1890) page 25, Bista
  • Kallmar AI:16 (1891-1895) page 19, Bista
  • Kalmar B:3 (1880-1893) image 37
  • Valllby AI:17 (1891-1895) page 32
  • Valllby B:4 (1895-1915) page 1
  • Veckholm AI:19a (1891-1895) page 126, Sundby
  • Veckholm AIIa:1a (1896-1905) page 131, Sundby
  • Veckholm B:4 (1895-1925) page 25
  • Simtuna AIIa:1b (1895-1902) page 522, Forsby
  • Simtuna AIIa:2b (1902-1907) page 531, Forsby
  • Simtuna B:4 (1895-1915) page 67
  • Vårfrukyrka BI:4 (1896-1929) page 41
  • Vårfrukyrka AIIa:1a (1900-1908) page 54
  • Vårfrukyrka AIIa:2 (1909-1918) page 62
  • Vårfrukyrka C:8 (1896-1926) page 110 (Encl 12)
  • Vårfrukyrka AIIa:3a (1919-1928) page 251 (Encl 13)


Brian Rapp, Mentor



1 Emibas input page for Olof Olsson, b. 1863-03-14.
2 Emibas record for Olof Olsson, b. 1863-03-14.
3 HER Norrala AI:12 (1890-1899) page 65, Närby – Olof Olsson and Anders Olsson.
4 HER Norrala AI:8 (1866-1874) page 65, Närby – Olof Ersson and family.
5 HER Norrala AI:5 (1835-1840) page 44, Närby – Erik Olsson and family.
6 HER Norrala AI:7 (1852-1865) page 45, Närby – Erik Olsson and family.
7 HER Norrala AI:7 (1852-1865) page 81, Närby – Brita Jonsson and her birth father and mother.
8 HER Norrala AI:10 (1880-1884) page 64, Närby – Erik Olsson and family.
9 HER Norrala AI:10 (1880-1884) page 420, Närby (Wägbro) Brita Jonsson and family.
10 DISBYT – Robert Radloff.
11 DISBYT – Robert Radloff and Frida Katarina Radloff.
12 Birth Record Vårfrukyrka C:8 (1896-1926) page 110 – Märta Teresia Karlsson.
13 HER Vårfrukyrka AIIa:3a (1919-1928) page 251 – Frida Katarina Radloff and family.
14 1970 Census record – Signe Maria Karlsson (Nord).
15 1990 Census record – Lisbeth Maria Nord (Axnér).
16 – Lisbeth Maria Nord (Axnér) entry page.
17 – Lisbeth Maria Nord (Axnér) contact info.
Brian J Rapp 2015-03-14