Claire Schaeffer 2015-04-11

Why do individuals appear on separate but adjacent pages within the same household examination record book? Tools used are ArkivDigital and Claire had found her ancestor Anders Gabrielsson and his two brothers on two different pages and wondered if they were the same individuals. And if so, why could they be found on two different, but adjacent pages (Encl 2-3)?

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My first thought was that the three boys might have been moved to foster parents after their parents had died. It looks like “Styf.son” i.e. “step-son” in front of Johan Gabrielsson and it looks like he and his brothers had moved there in 1766 (Encl 2). The same year, 1766, is mentioned to the right of them on the next page (Encl 3).

I found their mother at the top of this page (Encl 3). Since her last name is Kiempe there is no doubt that this is her. But her middle name has been changed from Nilsdotter to Johansdotter and her first name could be Maria, Karin or something else.

The “step-parents” seem to have married in 1767. The mother´s first name is hard to read (Encl 2). So, I looked at the Marriage records for 1767 and found them. Her first name is “Segri” (Encl 4). I have never seen such a first name before and it does not look like the name on (Encl 3). But it reminds me of the name “Sigrid” which is a common Swedish name. “Segri” is how “Sigrid” would be pronounced in a sloppy way on a dialect.

I now tried to find this family on DISBYT without success. Then I just googled Anders Gabrielsson and immediately had a hit through MyHeritage. I have an account there and maybe that is why a family tree came up immediately.

I found Anders Gabrielsson Örn at after Googling him. I found him in a tree provided by Jan Nils Birger Cederlund. He has 17,467 profiles and 1,529 photos in his tree. And he is active. His tree was updated 2 days ago!

Here is what he has about Anders Gabrielsson Örn (Encl 5):

”Anders Gabriel Örn

Birth Aug 12, 1752 in Hemmingsmark, Piteå (BD)
Occupation Soldier. Anders´father is sent out in a war he never returns from when Anders was five years old. His upbringing with a mother being a soldier´s widow cannot have been easy. Not until 1867 did his mother remarry, with Aron Jonsson, who became a homestead owner of farm 9 in Hemmingsmark.

1779 Anders married with Malin Jonsdotter from Bergsviken.. About one month later the first child was born. At his time the family lived in Hemmingsmark. They belonged to the socially lowest layer if the society, “inhysesfolket”, who was totally dependent on the good will of the Village Community.

Ib Feb 1781, when son Gabriel was born, they hade moved to Blåsmark. Around 1785 they moved to Malin´s home village, Bergsviken, still as “inhyses”. March 28, 1789 Anders was recruited as a soldier representing Rote 70 in Hemmingsmark. At this time Sweden was at war with Russia.

During the summer of 1789 Örn was sent out into the middle of the war fights in south-eastern Finland. August 24, 1790 there was a General Muster. Örn was present but the Muster roll tells that he had been “sjuk I Korpis”. Korpis is a little village a few kilometers from places like Anjala and Korrhuls.

In September, after the peace, he returned home. In 1807 Örn retired as a soldier. He died 1809. According to the Muster Rolls he was 5f , 9 ½ in tall.

Death Nov 27, 1809 in Hemmingsmark, Piteå (BD)
Family members
Father Gabriel Kämpe, soldier
Wife Malin Jonsdotter
1750- ?
Son Gabriel Andersson Sjöberg Gefyr, soldier

A pedigree chart shows Anders Gabrielsson Örn’s parents and descendants (Encl 6).

Conclusions: My feeling that the children had become stepchildren was in line with Jan Nils Birger Cederlund’s thinking. Even if he represents a secondary source I think he has done some valuable research, not least in General Muster rolls and it might be of value to contact him to exchange information. One problem is that the name “Segri” is not equal to “Maria”. May be she had two names (Maria Sigrid) and decided to use the second one after she had remarried.

Good luck!

Kjell S Andersson 2015-03-29


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