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Can we find my Swedish ancestor who emigrated out of Bremen, Germany in 1880? Tools used were Emihamn and ArkivDigital.


Johan Ludvig Ferdinand Sundberg, b. 1856-11-17 in Linköping, Sweden emigrated from Bremen, Germany 1880-06-01 and arrived in Baltimore 1880-06-15 according to his Naturalization application document filed in 1913. Al´s brother-in-law, Rob, who has done the research, has not been able to find Johan Ludvig Ferdinand and his family anywhere in Sweden.

His father is said to be Carl Johan Sundberg and his mother is said to be Mathilda Caroline Breisch.

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I found the passenger list for the ship Hermann, arriving in Baltimore on June 16, 1880, on It had 1,188 passengers but I could not find Johan Ludvig among them. I could not find him in Emibas or Emiweb either. He was not in the birth records (BR) for any of the two parishes of Linköping (Linköpings domkyrkoförsamling and Linköping S:t Lars). But he could have been born in one of the surrounding parishes belonging to Linköping County.

I then checked with Public Member Trees at and Family Search as well as Disbyt without any success.

Finally, I checked with Emihamn, the passenger list part of Emigranten populär. I started by enterring his surname Sundberg, his emigration year 1880 and each one of his first and middle names without success. Then I eliminated his first name having just his surname and emigration year. That resulted in 45 “hits”. And now I found a “J L F Sundberg”, born 1858/1859, from Åtvidaberg in Östergötland´s county. He left the Stockholm harbor 1880-05-25 and his final destination was Baltomore, MD. His title is “Dräng” i.e. “Farmhand” (Encl 1).

Åtvidaberg is not far from Linköping. His emigration date fits the departure from Bremen one week later. His age seems to be off with 2-3 years.

We find him in the Birth records (BR) for the parish Åtvid. He actually is born 1856-11-17 and baptized two days later. His father is the Taylor Carl Johan Sundberg. His mother is Cathrine Mathilda Orest (not Breich). They live at Marielund, Östantorps ägor at the time of the birth (Encl 2).

Witnesses are Farmer Erik Johansson at Östantorp, The son of a farmer, Carl Anders Jonsson, at Allserum and the apprentice painter Adolph Jaensson in Ö. Lund, housewife Stina Lisa Bengtsdotter at Östantorp, the daughter of a lay assessor, Eva Helena Charlotta Jonsdotter in Allserum and housemaid Emma Ringquist at Målbäck, Grebo parish (Encl 3).

Now we want to find the family in the Household Examination Records (HER) for the time period including 1856. There are two of those books for the Åtvid parish. The family will be found in part 2 (Encl 4).

We find the family on p 19. On the lower part we find Johan Ludvig Ferdinand, his parents and siblings. On the upper part we find his mother´s family (Encl 5). The upper amd lower parts of this page are magnified on Encl 6-7.

Here is Johan Ludvig Ferdinand´s family (Encl 6):

Carl Johan Sundberg b. 1827-05-02 in Lofta m. 1851-11-28 Tailor
Catharina Mathilda Orrest b. 1822-08-07 in Åtvid m. 1851-11-28
Axel Magnus b. 1852-09-17 in Åtvid
Carl Sixtus b. 1854-10-08 in Åtvid
Johan Ludvig Ferdinand b. 1856-11-17 in Åtvid

And here is Catharina Mathilda Orrest´s family (Encl 7):

Magnus Orest b. 1797-11-03 in Skärstad, Småland Tailor
Maja Lena Lindberg b. 1785-03-25 in Ed
Catharina Mathilda b. 1822-08-07 in Åtvid
Sofia Augusta b. 1829-04-19 in Åtvid

Magnus moved in from Linköping 1817. Maja Lena moved in from Kettilstad 1816.

Looking in the next book we find one more brother of Johan Ludvig´s (Encl 8):

Olof Hjalmar b. 1859-03-27 in Åtvid

In this record we can also see that Magnus Orest married Maja Lena Lindberg 1821-11-09.

The next period (1862-1858) contains 4 books and we find the family in book 3. Here we can see that there is one more brother, born 1863 but dead 1864 (Encl 9):

Adolph Robert b. 1863-08-05 in Åtvid d. 1864-03-15 in Åtvid


1 Emihamn ST 1880:262
2 BR Åtvid CI:9 (1849-1861) Image 104 / page 197
3 D:o. Magnified
4 HER Åtvid AI:23 (1851-1857). Spine
5 HER Åtvid AI:23 (1851-1857) Image 27 / page 19
6 D:o. Lower part of page magnified
7 D:o. Upper part of page magnified
8 HER Åtvid AI:25 (1857-1862) Image 37 / page 26
9 HER Åtvid AI:28 (1862-1868) Image 29 / page 22

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