Janet Folden 2016-02-13

Can we find any living descendants of my great-grandfather’s sister – the only one of the siblings who did not come to America?  Tools used were Swedish Death Index, ArkivDigital, Swedish Census (1910, 1950,1970, 1990), www.birthday.se, and www.hitta.se.


Janet wants to find now living relatives of Elna Pehrsdotter Lustig b. 1858-03-25 in Djurröd, Kristianstad län (Encl 2). Elna is the only sibling of Janet´s great grandfather Sven Pehrsson Lustig (Swain Pearson) who lived to adulthood and remained in Sweden.

Janet has provided two records for each one of five children, namely Death records and Swedish Census records 1910.

I have limited the records here to those for just the oldest son, Karl Persson b. 1882-05-01. I will now try to find now living descendants of him.

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Karl Persson dies 1956-12-16 in Önnestad, Kristianstads län as a married man. He had married 1917-11-18 (Encl 3). In 1910 he is a farm worker in Skepparslöv (Encl 4).

We find him in the Household Examination records (HER) for Skepparslöv 1900-1922 (Encl5-6):

Karl Persson b. 1882-05-01 in Skepparslöv m. 1917-11-18
Karin Augusta Jakobina b. 1888-10-08 in Åhus m. 1917-11-18
Maria Paulina, twin b. 1920-11-30 in Skepparslöv
Elna Ingeborg, twin b. 1920-11-30 in Skepparslöv

Maria Paulina is unmarried in 1950 (Encl 7). But in 1970 she is married and have a son (Encl 8-10):

Ingemar Ekstedt b. 1925-05-24 in Ränneslöv
Maria Paulina b. 1920-11-30 in Skepparslöv
Lars Ingemar b. 1959-02-16 in Malmö Sankt Petri

In 1990 Lars Ingemar has two children but is not married (Encl 11-14):

Lars Ingemar Ekstedt b. 1959-02-16 in Malmö Sankt Petri
Towe Pia Annika Thimell b. 1962-19-22 in Limhamn
Carina Louise Ekstedt b. 1984-03-13 in Västerstad
Björn Christer Ekstedt b. 1986-05-31 in Västerstad

We find the family in Huaröd today (Encl 15). Huaröd is north-east of Malmö (Encl 16). Lars Ingemar´s address is Brännestadsvägen 263, 298 93 Huaröd. His cell phone number is +46 70 250 9966 (Encl 17).

Maria Paulina´s twin sister, Elna Ingeborg, lives in Helsingborg as a widow in 1990. Her husband died 1986-06-10. His surname was Olsson (Encl 18). This is enough to find him in the Death Index. And we do. The husband was (Encl 19):

Rudolf Valdemar Olsson b. 1905-04-05 in Tryde m. 1952-08-30

We find them in the Sw Census 1970 with one son (Encl 20-22):

Rudolf Valdemar Olsson b. 1905-04-05 in Tryde
Elna Ingeborg b. 1920-11-30 in Skepparslöv
Rolf Robert Wilhelm b. 1955-08-27 in Helsingborgs Maria

In 1990 Rolf Robert Wilhelm lives in Helsingborg as an unmarried man (Encl 23). Today (2016) he lives at Bäckavägen 4, 252 85 Helsingborg. His land line is +46 42 18 18 22. Hi cell phone is +46 70 391 8822. He is a Sea Captain.

Good luck contacting them! These are descendants of Karl Persson. He had four siblings waiting for your attempts to find their descendants using the same procedure as above.
Kjell S Andersson 2016-02-10

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