Karen Rademacher 2016-09-10

Karen wants to know if there any now living descendants in Sweden from her great-grandparents´ siblings living in Jönköping län as of 1880.

Here is her request:


I am interested in finding living descendants of my great-grandparents.

Anders Gustaf Petersson

My great-grandfather Anders Gustaf Petersson was born 6 Jun 1855 in Marbäck, Jönköping. He had four siblings. See ArkivDigital v21071.b68.s58 (Marbäck AI:15, 1876-1880, p. 58) (Encl 1).

Both Anna Charlotta and Emma Kristina both came to America and we know about their spouses and children. Karl August stayed on the farm, “Eket”, until his death. I do not know what became of Hilda Maria. 

Are there living descendants of Karl August and Hilda Maria still living in Sweden?

Augusta Mathilda Gustafsdotter

My great-grandmother Augusta Mathilda Gustafsdotter was born 29 Jun 1856 in Lommaryd, Jönköping. She had two brothers. See ArkivDigital v20995.b347.s333 (Lommaryd AI:20, 1881-1885, p. 333) (Encl 2).

Both Frans Gustaf and Carl Johan Edvard remained in Sweden, as far as we know. I

Are there living descendants of Frans Gustaf and Carl Johan Edvard still living in Sweden?

Thank you, and let me know if further information is needed.



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