Cheryl Johnson 2017-09-08

Cheryl has some I questions about her relative Johan Ludvig Carlsson Asp – his parents, wives, and some descendants.

Kjell’s Fika presentation:

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Following is Cheryl’s original email inquiry with Kjell’s responses in bold type.

Carl Grast born 1774 (birth place unknown) and Cathrina Jönsdotter born Jan. 27, 1771, Ekeberga (parish), Kronoberg, were the parents of Johan Ludvig Carlsson born Sept. 20, 1805 [Algutsboda C:3 (1775-1816) Image 260, Page 509].

Can you tell me the spelling of Carl’s surname (Grast)? (See Johan’s birth record)  I am having trouble with reading the writing. His surname is Trast (Encl 1).

What is written after “Thomeshult” in Johan’s birth record?  The word is “Kallades” i.e. “Named”Is the “30” after Johan’s name the age of his mother?  Yes, but above 30 we can see “Cirka” i.e. they were not sure about her age. I have her birth as Jan. 27, 1771, which would not fit with her age of 30 and Johan’s birth of 1805.  However, in checking for Cathrina’s birth [Ekeberga C:2 (1766-1836) Image 13, Page 17], I could not find Cathrina.  Can you?  There is a Catharina Jönsdotter b. 27 December, 1771 (Encl 2).There is a Catharina born Jan 27, 1775 (which would fit with the age of 30 when Johan was born)—parents were Jonas Svensson and Sara Andersdotter [Ekeberga C:2 (1766-1836) Image 21 Page 33]. Carl and Catharina had their second child, Märta Lisa, b. 1808-06-28. Catharina was 37 years old according to this record. So, she obviously was born during 1771 (Encl 3). Märta Lisa dies 1809-04-07. Cause of death is “fell into the fire” (Encl 4)


Carl Grast (born 1774) died between 1807–1814 Thommeshult Norregården [Algutsboda AI:5 (1807-1814) Image 353 Page 687].  I checked the death records for 1807-1811 (since his widow remarried Mar. 29, 1811) but could not find his death record.  Can youNo, I cannot.

I also found the following source for Carl:

See Algutsboda AI:4 (1799-1807) Image 268 Page 257—What is the reference written under Carl’s name and also under and to the right of Cathrina’s name? It says “Attest No 11 1803” for Carl and “Attest No 3 1805)” for Catharina and probably refers to the Moving in records. Which we cannot check since they start at 1810. Under Catharina we can see “Hitkommen från Ekeberga 1804. Född I Löfsjö 1771-01-27 (Encl 5). Löfsjö is a “rote” in Ekeberga and we find Catharina as a daughter of Jöns Nilsson and Maria Andersdotter. Both are born 1731. Also, Catharina has an older brother, Johannes, b. 1761 (Encl 6).

I think the following 3 sources are for Carl.  Is there any way to know for sure? None of these are correct. I decided to look into Centrala Soldatregistret. Here we find Carl Trast b. 1776, d. 1809 representing Tomeshult No 10 in Algutsboda having enlisted into Konga Company, Kalmar regiment in 1802. Here we also find his patronymic surname: Johansson (Encl 7-8). Grill confirms that this is the correct Regiment and Company (Encl 9). We have both 1802 and 1806 available in the General Muster Rolls for Kalmar regiment (Encl 10). The mustering in 1806 happended on June 6 (Encl 11). Soldaten Staffan Johansson Tornqvist was discharged 1802 and replaced by Carl Johansson Trast. This is written June 6, 1806. Carl is 30 years and six months old. He has served during 3 years, 6 months. He is married and he is 5´10” tall (Encl 12).

We find his birth record in Algutsboda. He was born April 25, 1776 at Thomeshult, Algutsboda. His parents are Jonas Birgersson and Elin Jönsdotter. Elin is 34 years old at the time of Carl´s birth (Encl 13).

[Algutsboda AI:3 (1782-1798) Image 117 Page 213—Sutarekulle]–This Carl is listed as married.  Is this Carl the Carl Grast I am looking for?–the son of Peter Paulsson; and Peter the son of Paul Jönsson?  Paul (born 1721) and wife (Ingjerd Nilsdotter born 1727) died in this time period.  If these are Carl’s parents, then his patronymic surname was Petersson.

[Algutsboda AI:2 (1764-1781) Image 135 Page 250—Sutarekulle]–same people as mentioned in AI:3 Page 213—see above—This Carl is listed here so he was born in Algutsboda.  When I checked the birth records [Algutsboda C:2 (1750-1775) Pages 531-547]I found one Carl born Sept. 19, 1774—could not read the other names to know if this is the correct one [Algutsboda C:2 (1750-1775) Image 275 Page 541].

[Algutsboda AI:1 (1757-1766) Image 114 Page 207–Sutarekulle)]–Peter Paulsson and Peter the son of Paul Jönsson


Cathrina Jönsdotter born Jan. 27, 1771, Ekeberga (parish), Kronoberg—mother of Johan Ludvig Carlsson Asp.

Cathrina died April 21, 1856 Thommeshult Norregården (village??–poor house??—Is that what the record says?  (See below.) Yes. Thomeshult is a Village containg several “Backstuga” and soldier cottages. Also, a poorhouse was erected and that is where Catharina ended up.

Algutsboda AI:14 (1848-1855) Image 672 Page 660–Thommeshult Norregården–Helledahl (farm name?)–??to poor house??–Fattigstugan

Algutsboda AI:14 (1848-1855) Image 674 Page 662–Thommeshult Norregården–poor house??

Algutsboda AI:17 (1855-1862) Image 107 Page 94–Thommeshult Norregården–poor house??–died

I found the following for Cathrina when trying to find her parents:

Ekeberga AI:1 (1772-1791) Image 147 Page 281–Lövsjö (village)–Lövsjö Cunnage–

this source MIGHT be the correct one for Cathrina and her parents; if so, her parents were Jöns Nilsson born 1731 and Maria Andersdotter born 1731 and brother Johannes born 1761—[unsure whether the correct information for Johannes is in Ekeberga AI:2 (1792-1806) Image 147 Page 281–with his family]; in 1793 Jöns Nilsson born 1731 and Maria Andersdotter born 1731 moved to a different röte–see Ekeberga AI:2 (1792-1806) Image 139 Page 265–Djupa. Ekeberga–Druks Röte–unsure of spelling. This is correct. See my earlier analysis.

Additional sources (probably not needed for my questions) for CathrinaCorrect. Not needed.

Ekeberga AI:2 (1792-1806) Image 167 Page 321–Arnaskruv (village name?)–Transiö Röte–she was a maid; in 1802 she went to Lövsjö

Ekeberga AI:2 (1792-1806) Image 43 Page 73–Arnaskruv (village name?)–Transiö Röte–she was a maid

??Algutsboda AI:3 (1782-1798) Image 189 Page 357–Thommeshult Norregården—If this is the correct Cathrina, what is the number just above her name?

Algutsboda AI:4 (1799-1807) Image 268 Page 257–Thommeshult Norregården

Algutsboda C:3 (1775-1816) Image 288 Page 565–married Anders Hällberg—[Algutsboda C:3 (1775-1816) Image 288 Page 565]—Cathrina has Grast as surname

Algutsboda AI:5 (1807-1814) Image 353 Page 687–Thommeshult Norregården

Algutsboda AI:6 (1814-1820) Image 276 Page 531–No. 93 Thommeshult Norregården

Algutsboda AI:7 (1821-1827) Image 318 Page 305–Thommeshult Norregården

Algutsboda AI:8 (1827-1832) Image 431 Page 420–Thommeshult Norregården

Algutsboda AI:9 (1833-1838) Image 387 Page 372–Thommeshult Norregården

Algutsboda AI:10 (1833-1838) Image 150 Page 202–Thommeshult Norregården (village)–Helledahl (farm name?)

Algutsboda AI:12 (1839-1846) Image 142 Page 130–Thommeshult Norregården (village)–Helledahl (farm name?)–listed as widow


Johan Ludvig Carlsson Asp’s first wife was Christina Jönsdotter born 1802.  I found her in the following:

Algutsboda AI:8 (1827-1832) Image 467 Page 456–No. 97 Yggesryd (village)–Soldat Torpet—married

Algutsboda AI:10 (1833-1838) Image 173 Page 248–No. 97 Yggesryd (village)–Soldat Torpet

Algutsboda AI:12 (1839-1846) Image 163 Page 151–Ekholmen (village)–Soldat Torpet–died

Their first child was Carl Johan Johansson born July 18, 1832.  He is on page 456:  [Algutsboda AI:8 (1827-1832) Image 467 Page 456–No. 97 Yggesryd (village)–Soldat Torpet]. Yes, but the name of the Village is Yggersryd. Christina moves in during 1831 (Encl 14). I could not find her in the Moving-in records for 1831 so she probably moved from some other place in Algutsboda.

I was not able to find a marriage record for them (from 1825 through and 1832)—[Algutsboda C:4 (1816-1837) Pages 819-837].  Can you? No, I cannot

I found two Christina’s born in 1802 Algutsboda; is there a way to know which one is the right one?

Algutsboda C:3 (1775-1816) Image 228 Page 445—daughter of Jonas Zachrisson and Lena Paulsdotter born Feb. 5, 1802

Algutsboda AI:4 (1799-1807) Image 189 Page 178

Algutsboda AI:5 (1807-1814) Image 229 Page 439

Algutsboda AI:6 (1814-1820) Image 207 Page 393—Where did they go?  Are the names below them the people who replaced them? You can find the family at Algutsboda AI:7 (1821-1827) Image 334 / page 321 Yggersryd. But they are all crossed so they have all moved out during this period (Encl 15). Given that this Christina lived during the period 1821-1827 in the same village as Johan Ludvig and “Our” Christina during 1827-1832 I think this Christina is more likely to be the one you are looking for.


Algutsboda C:3 (1775-1816) Image 228 Page 447—daughter of Jonas Petersson and Catharina Israelsdotter born Feb. 9, 1802

Algutsboda AI:4 (1799-1807) Image 362 Page 351

Algutsboda AI:5 (1807-1814) Image 491 Page 963

Algutsboda AI:6 (1814-1820) Image 385 Page 749

Algutsboda AI:7 (1821-1827) Image 434 Page 421—Christina’s name is crossed out

Christina died 17 Oct 1842- [Algutsboda C:5 (1837-1862) Image 362 Page 713].  What is the information written after her name?  “Upplöst Hjonelag”. I do  not know what that means. What was the cause of death“Barnsbörd” i.e. “Childbirth” (Encl 16).

Did their daughter Johanna Carolina Johansdotter born Oct. 6, 1842, die on Dec. 15, 1842? [Algutsboda C:5 (1837-1862) Image 362 Page 713]  Yes If so, what was the cause of death? “Slag” i.e. “Brain bleeding” (Encl 17).


Johan Ludvig Carlsson Asp’s second wife was Britta Stina Zacrisdotter born Feb. 13, 1818.  They had 8 children.

The second one was Emma Christina Johansdotter born June 14, 1845.  She married Carl Johan Jonasson (born Feb. 9, 1849 Algutsboda) on Jan. 5, 1881 [Algutsboda AI:23 (1875-1880) Image 293 Page 565–Yggesryd (village?)–Ekholmen (farm name)].  Emma is listed on the previous Page 564 with her parents and a couple of sibs.

Carl Johan Jonasson and Emma had 3 children.  The third child was Anna Kristina Axelina Carlsdotter born 29 May 1884 [Algutsboda AIIa:2 (1901-1911) Image 335 Page 898]—Where did she go in 1903? She went to Kalmar Stadsförsamling i.e. “Kalmar City parish” (Encl 18-19).

After Emma died, Carl Johan Jonasson married Christina Signal born Dec. 8, 1847 Algutsboda.  They had 4 children.

The fourth child was Erik Wilhelm Julius Carlsson (or is it Jonasson?) It can be Jonasson or Karlsson since the naming law changed around 1900. In the Moving-out record the surname Karlsson is used.  born 08 Jan 1895 Algutsboda.  Algutsboda AIIa:4 (1911-1922) Image 358 Page 934—says he went to the U. S. June 27, 1913.  I tried Emibas and Emigranten but could not find him.  Can you?  However, that same page says he went to Aserum, Blekinge Jan. 7, 1920.  Did he not go to the U. S.? I could not find him either. Not in Emibas, Emihamn or Emiweb. May be he never went away to U.S. (Encl 20). However, the Moving-in records for Asarum shows that he immigrated Jan 7, 1920 from America (Encl 21)

After Carl died, did Christina Signal remarry–a Larsson [Algutsboda AIIa:4 (1911-1922) Image 358 Page 934]. No, I think the record states that Christina´s maiden name was Larsson (Encl 20). What is the name of the place where she was she born? Hovmantorp parish (Encl 22).