October 5, 2019 – All-Day SwedGen Workshop

Saturday, October 5, 2019
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Denver Public Library – B1 Conference Room
10 W. 14 th Pkwy (14 th & Broadway)

Discover how you can find your
Swedish roots through Swedish research

Led by genealogists from Sweden We are excited to welcome SwedGen back to Denver!  SwedGen is an association of Swedish genealogists who are passionate about the emigration of Swedes to the US.  The group has taught genealogy programs all over the country.

Registration now open! Click here to download form.

They’ll help us understand some specialized research topics and share cultural traditions as well.


  • Where do I Start?
  • Swedish Church Records
  • CDs & Online Resources
  • Disbyt & Dispos Databases
  • Probate Records & Estate Inventories
  • Military Records
  • Historical Maps

Anna-Lena Hultman has been doing genealogical research for more than 36 years and is well-known as an expert on emigration research.  Her home province is Västergötland. She has worked as a project manager for Sweden’s Genealogy Association and now has her own research cabin in Hössna.  She was one of the key persons in the development of the Emibas CD, a CD with information on more than 1.1 million emigrants leaving Sweden between 1845 and 1930.  She also guides many North Americans during the summer months in locating their ancestor’s homesteads. Anna-Lena has been a participant in all SwedGenTours. 


Anneli Andersson has been doing genealogical research since 1988, and has worked at the Mellerud museum and genealogy archive for more than 25 years.  At the archive, she assists visitors with their research, and has taught classes in genealogy. Anneli is experienced in helping North Americans find their Swedish roots, and has assisted them in locating where their ancestors lived and where they are buried.  Anneli has been a participant in SwedGenTour since the start in 2002. She is a member of Vasa Order of America. 



Charlotte Börjesson has been doing genealogical research for more than 16 years and has deep experience with both Swedish and American resources.  She has been a board member with the Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden (DIS) and is currently active as a DISBYT representative.  Her areas of expertise include re-search within western Sweden as well as computer genealogical research and photography. Charlotte has participated in SwedGenTour since 2002.  She is the district cultural leader for Vasa Order of America, Northern Sweden and a member of Vasa Order of America. 


Olof Cronberg has more than 30 years extensive experience working with both Swedish and American genealogical resources.  He is the former president of Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden (DIS). He has developed the Swedish genealogical database, Disbyt.  His ancestry is from across Sweden including priests, craftsmen, merchants, soldiers, some nobility and of course peasants. Olof has participated in SwedGenTours since 2002. 



SwedGen is a group of Swedish genealogists who tour the United States for the sole purpose of helping Swedish-Americans learn more about their heritage. The group has successfully helped individuals get started with their research and helped break down many brick walls.

Visit their website for more information: https://www.swedgensoc.org 

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