Dala Horses; Lantmäteriet

Short: “Dala Horses” by SGSC member Maryanne Patterson

Program: “Lantmäteriet – Swedish Historical Maps” by Charles W. Berberich, Ph.D.


Charles W. Berberich, Ph.D., is a historical-geographer and avid genealogist. After conducting dozens of oral tradition interviews in West Africa and extensive archival research in Europe, Charles taught History for 15 years at major American universities, specializing in African, and Medieval and Early Modern European History. His career in Colorado included international relations for the Solar Energy Research Institute (now NREL), consulting, directing Web development for a large non-profit organization, and indexing academic books. Charles resumed his genealogical research upon retirement, concentrating on German ancestors (back to the late 1500’s) then switched focus to his Swedish heritage. Recently he has been working on family branches from Ireland and Alsace-Lorraine. He is a map collector, food maven, and croquet enthusiast. He and his wife, Marilyn Munsterman, live in Denver and travel often to Europe.

Swedish Historical Geography: Lantmäteriet and other Resources on the Web. Genealogists can add a rich new dimension to their family histories by learning about the impact of geography on their ancestors’ lives. A wonderful array of maps, surveys, reference works, and images of Swedish landscapes, villages, and towns over the last 300 years is available via the Internet. This profusely illustrated presentation will cover major geographical resources for family history, and will demonstrate their use in case histories. The lecture will end with a close look at the impact on both the landscape and the people of the waves of land reform that up-ended the lives of Swedish farmers between 1750 and 1850. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions.

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