Beyond Gustav Vasa

GustavVasasLooking for Gustav Vasa: Researching Swedish Nobility by Kjell S Andersson and Carol Stetser

In October of 2014, Kjell Andersson and Carol Stetser explained how Kjell and Carol were able to find Carol’s aristocratic Swedish ancestors. This program expands on that theme, particularly focusing on Swedish history and its importance to genealogical research. American researchers often know little about early Sweden, but, as Carol discovered, learning about Swedish history can add depth and meaning to family research.

Kjell will begin by telling further stories about Gustav Vasa, one of the most important Swedish kings, but one who many Americans know almost nothing about. Carol will then detail her research beyond Gustav Vasa even further back in time to include many of the royal families of Europe. Kjell and Carol will describe finding Carol’s living Swedish cousins, who are also descendants of Gustav Vasa. The final section of the program delves into Carol’s family history as it was impacted by major historical events in Swedish history, in particular, the Great Northern War.

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