After Family Tree Maker – and Colorado Church Records

“After Family Tree Maker? What does this mean and what are our options?”
Beverly Harbourt, SGSC Member

Following the panic that gripped every genealogist when Ancestry announce that they were discontinuing Family Tree Maker Software it was determined that we should look at some of the other software options out there. Therefore, this program is designed not to make any recommendations but to offer you options. We will be looking at the top four genealogy programs as rated by Genealogy Software Review’s, Brian Lee. If you have other recommendations, please be prepared to voice your opinion at this meeting.

At this time, Ancestry has sold the Family Tree Maker software to Software MacKiev: and it remains to be seen what the future of Family Tree Maker will be. Reports are that updates will be coming in the next month or two.

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Beverly Harbourt
Beverly grew up in Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska. She is the current president of the Swedish Genealogical Society of Colorado (SGSC) and an avid researcher of her Swedish and German roots. She is the custodian of her family’s historical photographs, has been researching her ancestors for over 20 years, and has visited Sweden three times. She joined SGSC in 2009 following her retirement and subsequent move from the Washington D. C. area to Colorado.

Short: “Colorado Church Records Acquired by SwedGen in 2015”
Brian Rapp and Ron Floberg, SGSC Members

Ron and Brian will explain and demonstrate the Swedish American Church records which were filmed by SwedGen in 2015. These records are being indexed by SGSC members Beverly Harbourt, Jean Adams and Brian Rapp. Brian has developed a method to make the type-written records searchable as a PDF document.

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Brian Rapp
Brian Rapp has been a member of the Swedish Genealogy Society of Colorado since 2010. He has been researching his mother’s Swedish ancestry most of whom came from Småland and Östergötland, settling in the Jamestown, New York area. Currently he is the SGSC librarian and a research mentor. He participated in the 2013 and 2015 SweGen seminars in Sweden and visited with distant relatives that he found on both occasions. A member of SAG and The Colorado Genealogical Society and has subscriptions to DISBYT, SVAR, and ArkivDigital. He lives in Littleton with his wife Claire Hanley and is an aerospace engineer with United Launch Alliance. Brian previously lived in Long Beach and Orange County, California (28 years) and Jamestown (20 years). His other hobbies are Swedish folk dance and bicycling, which he uses as his primary mode of transportation to and from work.

Ron Floberg
Ron grew up in a predominately Swedish community in North Central Kansas and graduated from Kansas State University. He began his Swedish ancestry search in the late 1970’s, has visited Sweden four times, meeting newly found relatives in the process and served two terms as President of the Swedish Genealogical Society. He is a mentor in the Society FIKA one-on-one program. He and Cheryl have been Coloradoans since the 1960’s interrupted by three years in the Chicago area.


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