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Due to inclement weather, our scheduled speaker had to cancel. We were able to quickly pull together a great program on short notice.

Moveable Feast Days – What are they and why would I care?
Beverly Harbourt, SGSC Member

Older church records from Sweden often reference dates from the liturgical calendar. Here are some tips to understand what the dates mean, and correlating them to calendar dates.

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A Personal Bishop Hill Story
Larry and LeAnn Nelson, SGSC Members

LeAnn’s great-grandfather Lars Lindbeck was an original Bishop Hill colonist. Larry and LeAnn have visited both Bishop Hill, Illinois and Bishops Kulla, Sweden and uncovered the story of her ancestors’ travels from Sweden to America. Her ancestors maintained contact with their Bishop Hill friends and relatives even after the colony formally disbanded in 1861.

In addition to their presentation, the Nelson have also provided cemetery information, a property ownership map, a building inhabitant diagram, a list of the 1896 and 1946 reunion attendees, and a transcription of Lars Lindbeck’s letter written to his relatives in Sweden.

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Swedish-America Newspaper Archive
Karen Rademacher, SGSC Member

Please refer to this post for a short description and video.

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